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Our Work

We deliver strategic change to clients primarily in the hospitality sector, but also those that want to adopt strategies that are focussed on learnings from providing great customer service.

Our client base includes:

  • Restaurants
  • Cafes and coffee shops
  • Students’ unions
  • Public sector bodies that want to learn from the hospitality industry

Our outputs depend on what our clients are trying to achieve and will generally be drafted following a brief and introductory meeting.  However, across the 5 lenses outlines in the About Us section, we often create the following outputs, all tied together in a coherent strategic document and deliver plan.

1. Propositional Focus

  • Market / competitor analysis to position a current or new strategy
  • Detailed proposition document (what are products are and how we will deliver them)
  • Specification of new products in conjunction with supplementary work in other lenses (e.g. product costings etc)

2. Operational Excellence

  • Creation of operational processes to ensure that the Propositional Focus is consistently delivered
  • Mapping of ‘customer journeys’ to ensure that staff understand where experiences are likely to succeed or fail
  • Tools and frameworks (often devised from LEAN methodology) to ensure that processes are effectively delivered and monitored

3. Financial Performance

  • Detailed analysis of current financial performance in order to identify high performing areas / areas for improvement
  • Audit of existing processes to ensure that reporting is accurate / properly shared with colleagues in order to ensure revenue growth
  • Full cost of sales analysis to ensure colleagues know where costs are consumed and where waste can be reduced

4. Aesthetic Delight

  • The above considered against existing or potentially new brands
  • The above considered against existing interior design and whether changes are required
  • The above delivered either in-house by Brazenose or managed by us with our design partners

5. People Powered

  • Proposed strategies developed and delivered with your existing teams to ensure buy-in from the offset
  • Consideration of organisational structure / processes to ensure people are linked into the business in the right way
  • Where possible new processes devised with appropriate incentivisation to ensure they are implemented fully and successfully