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About Us

Brazenose is a consultancy that helps businesses provide better experiences to their customers. All with a view to improving top and bottom lines.

We’re good at this because we’re able to look at our clients’ businesses through a broad range of lenses, all of which add up to improving the end product their customers eventually see.

And because we do this all under one roof, it saves our clients engaging with multiple agencies; instead setting only one brief and seeing quick, targeted results from us across their business.

To help give context around how we deliver strategies for our clients, we generally consider our approach through five different lenses.

1. Propositional focus

We ensure there is a clear and well executed proposition that differentiates a business from its competition and is considered in the delivery of all features on offer.

2. Operational excellence

An outstanding customer experience is a key factor of success and so we engineer processes to ensure this is not left to chance. Operations are well documented and standardised in order to encourage consistency and discourage waste.

3. Financial performance

Key features are validated against each other as well as expected market performance in order to ensure they are properly contributing towards the P+L. Overall transformation achieved by a Brazenose deployment should also be examined against a business case to demonstrate return on investment.

4. Aesthetic delight

Propositions are delivered through brands and spaces that are commercially attractive to their target markets. Brands dictate and enhance the culture of products and interiors help practically deliver them.

5. People power

Colleagues understand the strategy and are both assisted and incentivised by robust processes to help deliver that strategy. They are supported not only during the delivery of a new strategy, but afterwards in its sustenance too.